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Welcome to Battlefield Legacies, a personal newsletter presented by us – Arve Pisani and Antoni Pisani, two dedicated researchers and writers. Embark with us on journeys to the historic battlefields of Europe, where we unearth stories of individual soldiers and share them with the world.

For over four decades, we've been collecting stories from WWII veterans—listening to their accounts through interviews, exploring battlefields via research visits, and assisting families in discovering their own relatives' lost WWII narratives.

Our mission is clear: to tell these stories and ensure they're preserved for the future. With dedication, we continue, hopeful that the stories we uncover and document will continue to inspire, educate, and inform generations to come.

Storytelling and military history research are integral to our lives. It all started with my father, who began tracking down D-Day veterans in the early 1970s and forging lasting friendships with many of them. As a child, I was deeply moved by these experiences, leading me to follow in his footsteps. You can read more on this here: "Rainy Musings and Road Trips: WWII Heroes, Heartfelt Bonds, and a Dash of Nostalgia."

What began as a passionate hobby has now become a full-time pursuit for both of us. Today, researching and writing about military history, particularly the first and second world wars, fills most of our days.

Battlefield Legacies serves as our digital home, where we will share short stories, research notes, and anecdotes from our journeys and studies.

Our areas of interest diverge slightly, with my father's focus primarily on the D-Day landings and the Normandy Campaign. On the other hand, I have devoted much of my time to researching and writing about the Norwegian-American unit, the 99th Infantry Battalion, the 2nd Armored Division, and the 30th Infantry Division. Additionally, I have explored the contributions of Norwegians in American and Canadian service during World War One.

We genuinely hope you'll find enjoyment in our newsletter, and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions.

Best Regards, Antoni Pisani

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Over five decades, Arve & Antoni Pisani have interviewed WWII vets and journeyed across Europe's battlefields, helping families unearth their kin's lost WWII narratives.


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